We offer a complete line of painting services.

Colour Consultancy

We can advise on colours for your house or project, drawing from years of experience. We can organize for a qualified Colour Consultant to meet with you on site to discuss your colour scheme.

Interior Painting

The paintwork of a new home can make a big difference to its overall appearance. The finish can make it stand out and give character to every room, turning the home into a truly spectacular residence. This is also the first thing that people will notice as they enter the property. When it comes to paintwork, Brindley Painting knows all the elements and specifics that can add appeal to your interiors.

Exterior Painting

Substandard paintwork might not be enough protection against WA's extreme climate; a thin coat of paint without a sealer will not stand a chance, compared to a quality paint system, complete with sealers and primers. Brindley Painting’s expert team can provide a lasting finish that will protect your exteriors from outdoor elements.

Interior Repainting

Deciding to repaint the interior of your home or workplace is a big decision. If not handled well, it can severely upset your daily routine. At Brindley Painting we are fully aware of this and will try to make the whole process as unobtrusive as possible.

Exterior Repainting

Many painters do not have the knowledge or expertise to carry out exterior painting in WA’s extreme environment. With 30 years of painting experience throughout Western Australia, Brindley Painting is the obvious choice to repaint the exterior of your property.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting South West| Painting | Repainting | Ongoing Maintenance. In 30 years of serving Bunbury and the South West, Brindley Painting has worked on many commercial properties in the region, painting interiors and exteriors in all manner of situations. Brindley Painting has worked on multi story buildings in the city centre, as well as factories and other commercial properties.

We’ve worked on:

  • Multi story buildings in the city centre;
  • Hotel complexes;
  • Flats and apartments;
  • Residential complexes and developments;
  • Western Power and Iluka Resources; and
  • Shop fronts and interiors, including new fit outs and repainting.
  • Tilt panel and Hebel panel sound walls.
  • Tilt panel commercial and industrial premises.

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